Posted by Terry Everett on Oct 23, 2019
    Shelton Williams was traveling to Austin for their Texas Book Festival last week.  He took some extra time to stay in Sherman and speak to his old Rotary Club (Grayson) about his new book "Covey  and Jay Jay Get Educated."
    As much as Shelly likes Texas and being a part of the Sherman community, he decided it was best to move to the Washington, D.C. area a few years back.  It was at that time that his son had his first child and Shelly's wife Janell, decided she wanted to be closer to their grandchild.  
   To this day, Shelly is still known around Washington, D.C. as "that guy from Texas."  And rightfully so I might add.  He is from Odessa, Texas, and played baseball and football for Permian High School.  He has lived most of his life in Texas.  More on that later.
    Mr. Williams spent 38 years at Austin College, teaching and helping students from all over the world.  He has always been interested in international studies.  Fifteen years ago, Shelton started the Osgood Center for International Studies.  Their vision is a generation of young people who strive to understand public policy issues and who work to find creative solutions to global problems.
    Mr. Williams has written several academic books, but decided to write non-academic books with the purpose of helping students.  He doesn't write for sensational purposes or because he wants to write his memoirs.  Shelly genuinely admitted he writes to help students.
   Shelton graduated from Permian in 1962, but it was 1961 that has forever seared his soul.  It was chronicled the infamous Kiss and Kill Murder in Odessa, Texas, in 1961.  Mr. Williams wrote a book titled "Washed In The Blood" in 2004.  It is the story about the untimely death of his cousin Betty.  
    The television program "A Crime To Remember" tells the story about Betty Williams.  It was broadcast on December 30, 2015.  The season 3, episode 8 program was entitled "Bye Bye Betty."  Thanks to YouTube you can watch it online.  Mr. Williams noted they have been working on the screenplay for the past nine years and are finally getting very close to a final product.
    Mr. Williams hoped to escape Odessa, Betty's tragedy and the trauma they caused when he went to the University of Texas.  He studied different forms of government and graduated in 1966.  
    However, the summer of 1966, on the U.T. campus as you may recall, was another very unforgettable event.  On August 1st, while Shelton was walking across campus, Charles Whitman decided to kill people from UT's Tower's observation deck with a rifle.  Although Shelton and Charles knew each other, they were not friends, nor were they adversaries. 
    Mr. Williams published his second book in 2006, about his experience during those turbulent times. "Summer of '66" is a memoir about his life at UT, about a mystery man, and about a young man and woman who faced a changing and dangerous world in a courageous way.  Charles Whitman is simply a character in this true story.
    Mr. Williams  emphasized that in today's society we have become divided, sometimes hostile and if someone doesn't have the same political belief's as you, they are your enemy.  We are Americans and it isn't suppose to be this way.  
    In 2016, Shelton decided to write the fictional book "Covey Jencks."  It is about an amateur detective that lives in Washington, D.C., who played football for Odessa Permian, and remembers someone was murdered during his year of high school with her death affecting him the rest of his life.  Yes, it sounds very familiar.  Shelton is using his personal experiences as a basis for the book.  
    However, the person murdered was an African-American woman in her fifties. She was unimportant.  Her life didn't matter.  They immediately arrested her husband, who didn't do it.  It didn't make the papers as nobody cares.  Covey was very upset about it and had to go back to Odessa and become a lawyer.  He connects back with an African-American woman named Jay Jay Qualls.  They partner up to solve crimes and in life.  
    Mr. Williams' most recent book "Covey and Jay Jay Get Educated" is about a triple murder that isn't what it seems.  There are a lot of similarities to people and places some may recognize, however, the book is purely fictional.  The cover has a picture of Wynn Chapel on one side and Austin College's administration building on the other.
    Interestingly enough, there is some interest in a mini-series based on the last two books involving Covey & Jay Jay.  Let's hope!!!
    Shelton's next book deals with Covey and Jay Jay going to China.  He knows China really, really well.  He has made several trips to China in years past.  As always, Shelly does lots and lots of research before writing a book.
   Proceeds from Shelton's books are donated to Rotary International or the Osgood Center.