Posted by Terry Everett on Sep 11, 2019
      Pete Havel is the author of "The Arsonist In The Office:  Fireproofing Your Life Against Toxic Coworkers, Bosses, Employees and Cultures".  He is an experienced lobbyist, political consultant and crisis communications pro who has served numerous leading business organizations, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business and Associated Builders and Contractors.
      Mr. Havel shared a story about a time he was hired for a job that offered great pay, benefits and all the things anyone would want in job. After he accepted the job and began learning about he culture of the company he was hearing some strange things.  A few days later, Pete's boss called him into his office and shared some information he claims he should have told Pete before he accepted the job.  
      There was a lady in the office that was very difficult, so to speak.  He said she had filed numerous complaints ranging from working conditions to sexual harassment.  She was also very unhappy that Pete was working there.  Pete's boss said they couldn't fire her because she could do more harm for the company on the outside.
      In Pete's book, he talks about how millions of people live in unnecessarily stressful and dysfunctional conditions every day because of toxic coworkers and cultures, while decision makers watch from he sidelines or protect themselves at the expense of their organizations.
      Pete claims that with the right tools, anyone can identify and protect themselves and their organizations.  His book offers tools and tactics that everyone can use to protect themselves and their organizations against toxic people and cultures that destroy careers, morale, productivity, reputations and financial success.
      Pete said there are plenty of books on the toxic workplace but his book is from his experiences of working right in the middle of a toxic working environment.  He lived to tell about it.  What he learned, you need to know.  What he witnessed, you need to understand.  When you are out of answers and feeling confusion or desperation on how to respond to tough workplace situations, Pete is confident his book will be very helpful.