Posted by Terry Everett on Oct 02, 2019
      Matt Osborne is the Director of Special Projects for Operation Underground Railroad.  He spent twelve years in Washington working with the Central Intelligence Agency.  
      Matt worked during the administrations of President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.  He has worked undercover in Spain, Venezuela, and Mexico.            During that time he witnessed something called the trafficking and persons report for the Department of State.
Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) is a non-profit founded by Tim Ballard which assists governments around the world in the rescue of human trafficking and sex trafficking victims, with a special focus on children. O.U.R. also aids with planning, prevention, capture, and prosecution of offenders, and works with partner organizations for prevention, victim recovery, strengthened awareness, and fundraising efforts. The organization has been documented for their covert operations with jump teams consisting of former CIA agents, U.S. Special Operations Forces Members, and other support volunteers. Operation Underground Railroad's ultimate goal is to eliminate Sex Trafficking world-wide.
      O.U.R. works with supporting governments and organizations in one or more of the following activities: prevention, discovery, preparation, rescue, and victim recovery programs. Operations are segments of any coordinated effort, training and/or direct involvement to rescue enslaved children. Operation Underground Railroad does not work independently, or without government participation and support.
      O.U.R. shares the mission to save children and seek justice for those who victimize them, therefore O.U.R. is committed to enhancing law enforcement efforts by providing resources where budget shortfalls prohibit a child pornography, child exploitation or human trafficking operation from going forward. O.U.R. will also provide or facilitate child exploitation investigative training in U.S. jurisdictions where a need exists. Collaborating with law enforcement will reduce duplication, promote best practices and avoid other potential issues which might arise without close coordination.
      O.U.R. will first assess the feasibility of rescue. They must take into account the willingness of local authorities to work with them since the not only want to save the children but arrest the perpetrators as well. They also want everything to be done legally and above board.
      They research the location, the children and the background of those who are running the sex ring. They also search for vetted care facilities that will take the children once they are rescued and not only give them food and shelter but rehabilitate them as well. In some instances the children are able to return to their families.
They will then design a strategy for rescuing the children. As former CIA, Navy Seals, Special Agents, etc., they have a very unique skill set to make this happen safely, efficiently and legally. They provide local law enforcement training to support and sustain anti-trafficking operations.
      Next, they take action. Obviously this is the most dangerous part of the operation but one well worth taking. In some instances they go undercover and arrange to "buy" a child as if they were a customer. After the purchase, they move in with the police, arrest those responsible and rescue the children. In other cases, they may act as a "client" looking for favors, etc. Again, they work with local authorities to make sure everything is done to protect the children and that the perpetrators are arrested.
      The recovered children's lives will never be the same. Their innocence has been stolen and they need help to readjust to a better world. Therapy can be provided as well as food and shelter at a pre-screened facility.
      They arrest, try, and convict the perpetrators. They follow this process every step of the way to make sure they don't traffic children again. In many cases the perpetrators were sex slaves and victims of trafficking themselves and know no better way to survive. 
      O.U.R. is committed to the journey of supporting survivors in their healing process. They assesses aftercare centers around the world, which consists of partnering with different organizations, safe homes and aftercare centers. Aftercare also works directly in collaboration with the O.U.R. Jump Team and government officials to communicate the assessments and potential aftercare centers for children. They then assist in the communication to the center about upcoming rescues and the predicted needs, such as additional social workers or medical professionals in-country.