Posted by Terry Everett on Jun 20, 2018
    Grayson County Sheriff Tom Watt and Grayson County Chief Deputy Sheriff Tony Bennie spoke on the the newly formed North Texas Criminal Interdiction Unit (NTXICU).  This is the first of it's kind not only in Texas, but in the United States.  
    So far, they have assembled a coalition on nine counties.  Grayson and Collin are the original signatory agents.  The other counties participating so far include Hunt, Parker, Rockwall, Tarrant, Wise, Smith and Wood.
    Texas, and more specifically the Rio Grande Valley, are the epicenter of illegal drugs and human trafficking entering the United States.  Tony displayed a map showing the drug flow into Texas and how it all flows through the DFW area with a huge portion coming right through Grayson County. Since NTXICU's inception on December 18, 2017, their results have been nothing short of incredible!  In the first quarter, they have seized $60,000 of hidden U.S. currency, 1,479 lbs. of marijuana, 5 lbs of cocaine, 61 lbs. of methamphetamine, 9 lbs. of heroin, 1/2 lb. of fentynal, 13 lbs. of THC products, 8 stolen motor vehicles and 4 automatic weapons.
    Better yet, they have made 57 arrests which includes two fugitives wanted for capital murder in Los Angeles, CA, and Little Rock, AR.  The deputies arresting the murder capital fugitive from Los Angeles, also recovered a missing female child.  On another unrelated traffic stop, NTXICU deputies rescued a missing child from Austin, TX.  
    Tony added that they will never be able to completely stop the flow of illegal drugs and human trafficking, but they will have a big impact.  He anticipates that as they become more successful, the cartels will eventually find another route.  Tony also believes they will bring more counties into the NTXICU as well as add additional units to the East and West.
   Deputies serving in the unit are authorized to make arrests in any participating county. All wear the same uniforms and drive cars with similar markings. Their goal: To stop the movement of illegal drugs and human trafficking on North Texas highways.
    Tony shared a video showing several success stories confiscating illegal drugs and someone wanted for murder.  We also saw some of the very creative ways they try to smuggle drugs into and throughout the country.  
    All currency that is confiscated goes back into the program to buy new technology or whatever they need to improve their success rate.  They have a special process in which the illegal drugs are destroyed.  The autos may be sold at an auction or possiblly used undercover depending on the condtion.  The firearms are either destroyed or sold at auction as well.