Posted by Terry Everett on Jun 05, 2019
      Dr. Jeremy McMillen, Grayson College president, was very happy to announce that they exceeded their fundraising goal this year.  He thanked David Bayless who chaired this year's event and pointed out it was the best year they ever had.  
      Dr. McMillen reminded everyone that Grayson College recently transitioned to an eight week semester and they are now seeing the impact.  It really benefits the students.  A majority of the students are unable to access $500 in emergency funds.  
      In years past, when a student had an emergency mid-term, such as their car breaking down and they needed money to fix their car, they would have to drop their classes in order to have the money to fix their car.  It wasn't a good fit because now they were out the money they paid for tuition and had no college credit to show for it.  When the student dropped their classes Grayson then owed the government money.  Grayson would repay the government but the student didn't have the money to pay Grayson.  Nobody won.  The eight week semester has made a huge difference for the students and the college.
      With Grayson College's new "Restart Program", they will waive up to $500 for any student with an outstanding balance who commits to completing at least six hours with a "C" or better grade.  Students owing more than $500 can pay the additional amount down until they only owe $500 and then may utilize the program.
Relationships between faculty and students are also stronger with the eight week program.  Classes are smaller and by only taking a couple course at a time, students are more focused.  
      Students can now receive their Associates Degree with 71 credit hours as opposed to 92 hours as required in 2013.  This results in a huge savings for the students.  It also cuts the time down by about nine-and-a-half months.  Graduation rates have almost doubled over the past seven or eight years and they continue to increase.  
Grayson College is committed to every student's success.  They are determined to transform lives by connecting students to the college and career pathways.  They build our community by inspiring student commitment and momentum toward timely achievement of pathway milestones.  They inspire pathway completion that launches successful career entry, career enhancement, or university transfer.
      New construction on campus includes a Student Success Center and a new 100-bed dormitory.  They have brought basketball back to Grayson, too. They also have a cheer program and a pep band.  Grayson has added athletic training to their curriculum which is new.  They have partnered with A&M Commerce and added an agriculture career pathway.
      Dr. McMillen thanked Grayson Rotary for the contribution to their Scholarship Foundation.  Grayson Rotary will continue to grow this permanently-endowed fund.