Posted by Terry Everett on Jan 09, 2019
    Ogie Shaw kicked off 2019 with a topic many people use as a resolution.  Exercise.  After all the great food we enjoy from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day, most of us vow to lose a few pounds.  
   As we all think diet is the key, Mr. Shaw told us to stop dieting.  Exercise is the key to losing weight and most importantly better health.  He emphasized that, "Exercise is being called the best medicine in America today, outperforming almost every prescribed medication in this country in terms of its overall impact on our health."  This includes everything from the common cold to cancer, yet it is the most under prescribed medicine today because most doctors are not trained at all in exercise.
    Back in the 1950s, middle and high school kids were tested by measuring their functional movement.  Believe it or not, 57.8% of our kids failed that test!.  Yes, they failed it!  These results told us that we have more unfit kids than anywhere else in the world.
   Function movement involves things we have to do on a daily basis in order to survive.  Are you able to get up out of a chair without using your arms?  If not, then you are at threat, especially if you are over 60 years of age.  You chance of falling is increased. 
    The University of Indiana measured 4 million 16-17 year old kids and found that kids today are worse off than they were 30 years ago.  They say we are now raising the first generation that will have a shorter life expectancy than either our parents or grandparents for the first time in our history.
    Practically everyone admits to not getting enough exercise.  Reasons being either they don't have time or laziness.  Lack of motivation is the primary reason for not exercising.
    People say they will exercise if you can make it fun.  Ogie said that if what you call exercising as fun, you aren't doing it right.  There are physiological requirements that exercise must meet in order to benefit you whether you like it or not.
    Just because you lift weights or run or whatever, you are probably not "fit".  People don't know what fitness it, because there is not such thing as generic fitness.  Fitness is activity specific.
    Mr. Shaw pointed out that your body teaches you how to treat it. Cardiac fitness is the key.  The average resting heart rate is 72 beats per minute.  The more cardiac fit you are the more blood you heart pumps in a single beat lowering the number of times your heart has to beep. Ogie said he wants your resting heart rate to be no more than 64 beats per minute.  The lower your resting heart rate, the longer your life expectancy will be. 
    Test yourself.  Step up and down in a chair or step for three minutes and take your pulse.  Your pulse should not be more than 144 beats per minute for men or 156 beats for women.  He said that 75% will fail that test in a typical group.
    The leading cause of not showing up for work is because their back hurts.  Eighty-five percent of back pain is due to tight back muscles, not weak back muscles.  The back muscles and stomach muscles are designed to work together, but when people sit all day their stomach muscles become weak, therefore, making their back muscles tighten up.
    Mr. Shaw said you should not be concerned about your weight, but about your level of subcutaneous fat.  If you don't have a tool to measure your fat, here is a guide to go by.  For men, your waistline should not be more than 6 inches larger than your chest.  For women, your chest and hips should be no more than 6 times the size of your wrist and your waistline no more than 4.5 times the size of your wrist.
    So, in order to get fit, you need to work out every day, twenty minutes or less.  The best way is to work out with resistance.  This way as you get more fit, you only have to increase the resistance and not increase the time.
    Doctors say that 80% of the patients in their waiting room could avoid being their had they been more successful exercising.  Being fit will greatly improve your financial picture.
    Ogie said that if you will use his program exercising 5 to 10 minutes a day that you will lower your blood pressure 12 points in 30 days.  He said just start with 5 minutes a day and you will see incredible results.  Not only will you have less neck & shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, and lower back pain, you will also have more energy.
    For more information, you can visit his website at, email or by phone at 503-646-5860.