Posted by Terry Everett on Aug 07, 2019
      Michelle Lemming is President and CEO of the Texoma Health Foundation (THF).  She talked about the Foundation and many good things they do in our community.  
      Michelle said that Nicole Thornhill is passionate about matching donors' charitable goals with needs in the Texoma area.  She helps individuals and organizations learn more about the nonprofit sector.  Anyone organization or person interested in creating a fund to set up your own legacy, you can do so for as little as $10,000.
      The Texoma Health Foundation was created on January 1, 2007, from the sale of the non-profit Texoma Medical Center.  The sale established what is known as a conversion or "new" foundation to preserve and protect the charitable assets that belonged to the nonprofit.  
      Kitty Richardon joined the THF's staff as their Chief Operating Officer in 2017.  Prior to THF, Kitty served as Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center's administrator for two years.  Kitty is also heading up their "Raising the Bar" series.
      Michelle reminded everyone that even though they are a non-profit organization, they continue to try to get better.  By doing so they bring in people to give presentations to help.  This is open to other organizations as well who want to become better.
      THF continues to survey the needs in our area to make sure they are doing what they need to do.  Michelle noted that mental health needs were far greater than what the Foundation was supporting.  As a result, they are doing something with addressing the needs for mental health in all four of the counties THF serves.  Those counties are Grayson, Fannin, Bryan & Marshall.  Michelle claimed that Sheriff Tom Watt has been very helpful with the THF.  
      Michelle said they noticed suicide rates in North Texas were higher than average.  Fannin County ranks #4 in the state of Texas.  Although you can offer programs to help with suicides you never really know if they work.  Although they have been concentrating on Fannin County Michelle the number one cause of death in Grayson County is suicide. They are now increasing their focus on mental health needs in Grayson County.      Sheriff Watt added that the THF works very closely with the Texoma Behavioral Health Leadership Team to improve the behavioral health and well-being for all people in the Texoma Community.
      Through a partnership with First United Bank, the Massey Family Foundation and the Texoma Health Foundation, the First United Community Room at Texoma Health Foundation (THF) opened in December 2018. This regional public community room will provide a meeting space for organizations and individuals working together to solve community issues and to create a better, healthier Texoma.