Posted by Terry Everett on Jan 30, 2019
    Larry Phillips was sworn in as the 59th District Court Judge in May 2018.  He served as Texas State Representative from District 62 from 2013 - 2018.
    Judge Phillips admitted to enjoying his time as a state representative.  He enjoyed representing the people of his district as well as being a part of the process.  He really liked being involved.  Larry is very delighted to be working in Sherman year around since he now has a granddaughter.  During his time as a state representative, he would spend six months of each year in Austin.
     During his time in Austin, he chaired and worked on several committees including transportation, insurance, public safety, and homeland security. They dealt with border issues, gun issues, education along with many state wide and local issues.  They were big issues that affected 28 million people in Texas.
    Judge Phillips confirmed that each case he decides regarding a child or criminal or just as big and important as those he helped with in Austin.  It's about making the right decision.  It's about helping people.
    Another difference between being a state representative and a district judge is that he has more free time, especially on the weekends.  Larry said he enjoyed attending all the chamber banquets and difference events over the years, but is now glad he can spend more time at home.
    It's great not having to work all the time.  For the most part, his days end at 5:00 p.m.  There are times of course when he has to work after or may be required to sign a warrant after hours or on the weekend, but that's okay. 
    Judge Phillips noted that his emails have slowed down considerably and he likes that.  While they were in session he would get hundreds of emails a day and sometimes they were all about the same issue.  Nevertheless, he had to read them and decide what needed to be done.  
        Being able to help people is much the same between being a state representative and now a District Court Judge.  And that's what Judge Phillips enjoys most.
    On the darker side of things, Judge Phillips commented on the big drug problem we have and how it affects everyone.  Judge Rim Nall (retired) started a drug court several years ago.  Larry proudly noted they just recently graduated eleven people from drug court. These graduates were mostly from drug addiction.     
    Judge Phillips said they don't go easy on drug offenders.  He sends them to jail every day.  Many times he does offer them the choice of going through drug court or prison.  Unfortunately, many will choose jail so they can go back to using drugs again when they get out.  When it comes to drug dealers, Judge Phillips gives them a lot of time in prison because they are the ones making it easy for drug users.  
    The biggest issue we have to deal with is drugs.  Meth is the most common due to it being a lot cheaper to buy now.  He said heroin is more popular around the rest of the country.  Although heroin may not be as bad as meth due to how it affects the body, heroin will still kill you more often.  
    We are starting to see more heroin around here but meth is the most popular because we are so close to Mexico.  The Mexican Cartel has learned how to make meth a lot more efficiently which in turn makes it a lot cheaper to buy.  In 2003, Larry said they passed a law removing Sudafed from the shelves of stores, requiring identification before anyone can buy it.  By doing this, it has practically stopped all meth labs which were very dangerous anyway.