Posted by Terry Everett on Dec 12, 2018
      Kris Spiegel, Denison, City Councilman, and Sunny Mackey, Denison Director of Community Engagement, brought us up to date on what the city of Denison has and will be doing to make it an even better community.  Denison is planning and growing for the future at a rapid pace.
      Kris pointed out that everything Denison & Sherman are doing is good.  They are providing the amenities that everyone has always wanted and by doing so, it is going to bring in new families, new monies and new tax dollars.  It may seem like a competition between Sherman & Denison to see who can make their city better, but when it's all said and done, everyone benefits and that's what matters.
    Having worked for the city of Denison almost 23 years, Sunny is very excited to see what is happening.  There are five focus areas they are working on.  They include housing/utilities, infrastructure, retail & entertainment, streets & transportation, and character & experience.  Sunny said they want people to shop here, work here and to live here.
    In 2000, Denison issued 13 housing permits.  By December 2018, they have issued 153 permits with several more in the review process.  Their renovation incentive program has been very successful.  They have issued 51 remodeling permits compared to 31 last year.  In addition to single family housing, there have been several apartment complexes built with more to come.
    Families wanted a nice park and now they have it with the development of Gateway Village at the intersection of Hwy. 75 and FM 691.  The Texoma Health Foundation Park has five baseball/softball fields, five soccer/multi-use fields, a playground and walking trails. It is a great place where families can enjoy making memories.  In addition to that, HeyDay is building a huge entertainment complex that will have a bowling alley, laser tag, lots of arcade space, a ropes course, miniature golf and a full service grill.
    The new Denison City Hall opened in August.  It is located on Main Street in the heart of Downtown.  All of the departments are now under one roof with the exception of police, fire and the library.  
    They have completed 5.1 lane miles with their street overlay program and that will carry over into 2019.  They are also replacing water lines along with the street overlays.
    Automated trash service will begin in April.  It will include new trucks, bins and an entire system overhaul, focusing on recycling, safety and service.  
    Sunny said they are about 30% completed with their Designing Downtown Denison project.  It is a 20 year project that will encompass a new look for downtown. 
    There are several events that take place in downtown Denison every year.  They include Denison On Ice, parades, festivals, Music on Main and Bark 'n Paws.  Downtown Denison is also home to fifteen different dining choices with three more coming in the Spring.