Posted by Terry Everett on Dec 04, 2019
      Janet Gott, Denison,, Texas, mayor, invited everyone to join in on the 75th Anniversary of VE Day for a special tour to discover the Eisenhower Legacy during the dedication of the Dwight D. Eisenhower National Memorial in Washington, D.C.   The Eisenhower Legacy Trip to D.C. is May 4-9, 2020.
      Janet recalled a time when she was a very young girl, and watched President Eisenhower and wife Mamie get into a convertible in Forest Park for a parade when he was campaigning for president the first time.  She said this is when she first became interested in politics.  Janet is very proud of being the Mayor of the city where Ike was born.  
      There are three legacy cities for Eisenhower.  Of course, Denison, where he was born; Abilene, Kansas, where he grew up; and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where his retirement home is located.  
      Janet noted that Eisenhower was a very popular president because he was a great General and made such a great difference in the world.  As one looks further away from his presidency you will notice the great impact he had on our nation.  He is responsible for our highway system.  Although we give credit to President Lyndon Johnson for Civil Rights, Eisenhower was actually the first president to sign the original Civil Rights Bill.
      John F. Kennedy once said, "A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces, but also by the men it honors and the men it remembers."  On May 8, 2020, our nation's capital will honor our 34th president with the dedication of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Square in Washington, D.C. Janet pointed out that although there are many monuments in Washington, D.C., there aren't very many for presidents.
      The itinerary for the Eisenhower Legacy trip to D.C., will begin on Monday, May 4, 2020.  Special rates have been secured for lodging at the Holiday Inn Capitol which is the host hotel.  Travel to Washington, D.C. will be on your own, however, you should arrive no later than 5:00 p.m. to join the welcome reception and dinner with special speaker Mary Jean Eisenhower, Ike's granddaughter.  The venue will be either in the Capitol Dining Room or the Library of Congress only for those on this trip. 
On Tuesday, May 5 they will travel by motor coach for a full day trip to Gettysburg, PA.  Mary Jean Eisenhower will lead the tour of her grandparent's retirement home, the Eisenhower National Historic Site.  You will see Camp Colt, Eisenhower's First Command, along with a walking tour of downtown that includes the church and other sites significant to Ike's time in Gettysburg.
      On Wednesday, May 6 and Thursday May 7 you will tour Washington, D.C. sites including the White House, memorials, and Smithsonian Museum.  Pending is a private tour of the Pentagon as well.  
      On May 8 you will see the newly dedicated Dwight D. Eisenhower National Memorial and visit Arlington Memorial Cemetery.  Janet expressed this dedication will be a presidential level event.  In fact, it will probably be an international level event.  Janet added that she wouldn't be surprised if the president of France was also in attendance.  Most of the living presidents are expected to be there as well.
      After this amazing week, everyone will return home on May 9.  The deadline to register for this trip is January 1, 2020.  For more information visit or call 903-465-2720.