Posted by Terry Everett on May 22, 2019
      Cheryl Brandon is program coordinator over the Wilson N Jones Senior Passport Program and Volunteer Services.  She has been promoting healthy lifestyles for WNJ since 2000.
      The Senior Passport program began in July 2000.  It is a comprehensive benefits program offered exclusively by WNJ, designed to serve the needs of seniors 55-plus.  The most popular part is their exercise program.  
      They have two levels of membership.  Their Tier 1 basic level includes free notary service, free health screenings and monthly blood pressure checks, social and educational activities, discounts around town, free newspaper and one guest meal daily if you are admitted into the hospital, and travel incentives which include refundable deposits and free Passport/Visa pictures.  Tier 1 cost $25 per year.
      Tier 2 includes everything in Tier 1 plus complete lab work at the WNJ Lab one time a year, daytime hours in the gym plus exercise classes daily Monday through Friday.  You also receive free consultations twice a year with a WNJ Dietician.  Additional travel incentives include priority seating on the motor coach.  Tier 2 cost $45 per year.
      Cheryl said they are hosting a free fall and balance screening event on Thursday, June 13th from 5 to 7 p.m. in the WNJ Outpatient Therapy Gym.  It will help you identify factors that may put you at risk and educate you on fall and injury prevention.  
      One in four adults over the age of 65 fall each year.  Older adults are treated in the ER for a fall every 11 seconds.  Half of those who fear falling limit or exclude social or physical activities.
      Volunteers are very important and helpful.  They help at the front desk in the professional office building where the doctors are located as well as the front desk at the main entrance of the hospital.  They run the gift shop and help in all of the waiting rooms.  They even sell popcorn in the front entrance of the hospital.  Cheryl invited anyone interested in volunteering to contact her.  You can volunteer as much or little you want and the hours are very flexible.  
      Cheryl said they also give eight $1,500 scholarships.  They are awarded to local graduating seniors interested in going into the medical field.  
      Cheryl also mentioned the Texercise program.  It provides resources to help promote regular physical activity and good nutrition.  The Texercise handbook is a handy guide that offers nutrition and fitness tips, as well as exercises to encourage people to adopt healthy habits.  There is also a Texercise Fit for the Health of It! exercise DVD that helps you improve your strength, balance, endurance and flexibility in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace as a certified physical therapist leads you through a 30-minute sequence of easy exercises.  To request a free copy of the Texercise handbook or DVD, visit or call 1-800-889-8595.